Technical and Quality Attributes of HD DVD

An HD DVD is simply a digital optic data storage media format that utilizes a disc of 120mm diameter. One layer of an HD DVD can store up to 15 GB data. This means that this disc has a higher storage company than the standard DVD which has a storage capacity of 4.7 GB.

The high definition DVD is complemented by a high definition television. This is simply a system that can scan images with more than double lines of resolutions. The high definition TV is equipped with 1080 lines as compared to the regular TVs and DVD players (480p). Thus, this TV offers super quality and high definition images. Note that many DH televisions have a broad screen to offer better viewing and eliminate the letterbox effect.

The structure of HD DVD

This is an optical disc featuring two 120mm substrates that are usually bonded back to back. Each of these surface layers is 0.6mm. The disc’s optical pick-up head’s numerical aperture is 0.65mm and the information stored in this disc is read using a 405nm wavelength blue-violet laser.

Quality attributes

One unique thing about the HD DVD is that it offers top quality audio output and better pictures than other forms of media. Besides, it has large storage capacity: a single layer HD DVD can store up to 15 GB while a double layer HD DVD has 30GB storage capacity and a triple layer HD DVD features a storage capacity of 45 GB.

These DVDs are commercially available. They also have an inbuilt copy of the AACSLA’s restriction technology. Have an Audio Watermark Protection. These water marks are created by manipulating the audio waveform to convey a digital code. Note that this digital isn’t recognizable by the human ear. However, it can easily be neutralized by HD DVD players or by audio editing software.

Note that the DVD players that can read the HD DVD must be equipped a sensor that can easily pick up the inaudible water marks in the sound track being played. The DVD player will determine whether the disc is original or a copy. If it detects a copy, the player won’t play the disc. The DVD player can also detect if there is a difference between the water mark for home entertainment disc and the cinema mark. That means, it can easily distinguish an original HD DVD from an illegal one.