How the Latest Tech Is Making Movies Better?

Watching old movies and you might notice straight away that the quality of the images is not as good as that of new movies. Images are often grainy and pictures can become pixelated if displayed on larger screens. This is largely down to the fact that the technology that was available at the time was simply not as advanced as it is today. With new developments, however, we are now able to create videos that are much clearer and have a far higher resolution that ever before.


Going Digital

One reason for this is the introduction of digital video technology. Not only are we able to store theĀ  quality video more effectively, but we are also able to use cameras that are able to capture video of a far higher quality. This has even been passed down into hand held technology such as the cameras that can be found on your smartphone.

Digital Enhancement

Not only has the quality of images taken improved, we are now able to enhance those images afterward. Digital technology allows us to alter images with a high degree of accuracy so that it is all but impossible to tell they have been altered at all. CGI, or computer-generated imagery, even allows us to add people, characters and buildings that were not there to begin with. Not only does it help us to enhance the quality of images, it is excellent for special effects in that it allows us to create fictional scenarios that appear to be perfectly real on the DVD screen.